• Your community school...

    Your community school...

    ...where students can learn, lead and achieve success in a positive, safe, and supportive environment. Effective partnerships with parents and our community create a shared commitment to support students in all program pathways.
  • Academics, Arts and Athletics

    Academics, Arts and Athletics

    The diversity of our programs offers all students many opportunities to learn and prepare for the future. Along with the more traditional courses, we also offer courses such as Catering, Music Theatre, Aesthetics, Outer LImits, the Business of Hockey, Communications Technology and E-learning. Our Regional Programs support all types of learners.
  • Our Graduates...

    Our Graduates...

    ...think critically, are responsible global citizens, have 21st century learning skills, work with character and tolerance, and model inclusivity.
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  • THS Arts Night

    The THS Art's Night is June 5th

    Please come and join us from 630-830

    to Celebrate the thriving Arts Culture at THS

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  • You Can Text for Attendance

    Parents and Guardians - now you can text the school to let us know if your student is going to be late or absent.  The NEW number is 204.808.3525 and is checked regularly throughout the school day.  A verification process is in place to ensure the accuracy of the text.  We hope that this new option makes it easier for you to communicate with us!

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  • Gr 7 & 8 Schedule

    Gr 7 & 8 Schedule

    8:00-8:10 Arrival, 8:10-8:50 Period 1, 8:50-9:30 Period 2
    9:30-10:10 Period 3, 10:10-10:50 Brunch Break, 10:50-11:30 Period 4
    11:30-12:10 Period 5, 12:10-12:50 Lunch Break
    12:50-1:40 Period 6, 1:40-2:30 Period 7, 2:30-2:40 Bus Departure


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  • eligibility

     If you are in grades 10 to 12 and are NEW to THS, check in with Mr. McDougal or the Phys. Ed. department about athletic eligilbity requirements.

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What are the benefits?

Students in the SHSM Hospitality and Tourism 

  • network with people who have similar interestsSHSM 1
  • take part in many field trips and real-world experiences
  • receive a specialized Co-op placement
  • are involved in a close-knit community
  • test drive a career before going to post-secondary education or an apprenticeship
  • take classes that are relevant to their specific interests
  • participate in 1 of 3 package programs that are linked to this SHSM:  Outer Limits, Catering with Class or La Dolce Vita (Spa Life)




Hospitality and Tourism fields include:

Chef ♦ Pastry Chef ♦ Kitchen Manager ♦ Line Cook ♦ Caterer ♦ Hotel Manager ♦ Health Inspector ♦ Teacher ♦ Event Planner ♦ Restaurant Owner ♦ Tour Guide ♦ Travel Agent ♦ Adventure Guide ♦ Bartender ♦ Museum/Gallery Curator ♦ Tour Bus Driver ♦ Theme Park Manager ♦ Resort Manager ♦ Cruise Ship Activity Director ♦ Makeup Artist ♦ Campground Host ♦ Beautician ♦ Masseuse ♦ Spa Technician ♦ and many more...