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Special Programs


Animation & Set Design (2 Credit Focus Program)

Not offered 2019 - 2020


Communications Technology • Animation • Grade 11 • Open

Have you ever watched animations on Youtube and thought, "Hmmm that's cool, I wish I could do that"? Well, you can if you take Animation and Set Design. This course combines the best features of communication technology and construction technology. Students will design, build and create their own characters, stories and sets in order to create original stop motion video productions. You'll have a million views on Youtube in no time

Prerequisite: None


Design Technology • Grade 11 • Open

This course enables students to learn all of the necessary skills they'll need to build the elements of their full featured stop-motion animation. Students have access to a fully equipped construction shop, a CNC router, a 3d printer, a digital vinyl cutter, a t-shirt press, and a large format printer. Students will progress through project work using the design process to evaluate concepts and ideas. Creativity and innovation are key elements for success. This is an intensely hands-on course that requires collaboration and self-direction. Students will work closely with their peers and teacher to develop concepts and produce sets and animations. This course focuses on many different aspects and disciplines of design that have to potential to open a multitude of technological career pathways.

Prerequisite: None

Catering with Class (3 Credit Focus Program)


Hospitality and Tourism • Grade 11 • College

This course enables students to develop or expand knowledge and skills related to hospitality and tourism, as reflected in the various sectors of the tourism industry. Students will learn about preparing and presenting food, evaluating facilities, controlling inventory, and marketing and managing events and activities, and w ill investigate customer service principles and the cultural and economic forces that drive tourism trends. Students will develop an awareness of health and safety standards, environmental and societal issues, and career opportunities in the tourism industry.

Prerequisite: None


Navigating the Workplace • Grade 12 • Open

This course provides students with opportunities to develop the workplace essential skills and work habits required for success in all types of workplaces. Students will explore occupations and careers of interest through participation in real workplace experiences. They will make plans for continued learning and work, work with others to design learning experiences, and investigate the resources and support required to make a smooth transition to their post-secondary destination.

Prerequisite: None


Food and Culture • Grade 11 • Workplace

This course focuses on the flavours, aromas, cooking techniques, foods and cultural traditions of world cuisines.  Students will demonstrate the ability to cook with ingredients and equipment from a range of cultures, describe food-related etiquette in a variety of countries and cultures, and explore ways in which Canadian food choices and traditions have been influenced by other cultures.  Students will have opportunities to develop practical skills and apply research skills as they investigate foods and food practices from around the world.

This course may also be offered at the college/university level (HFC3M1).

Prerequisite:  None     

Program Overview

This course will be based primarily around our own cafe, Star Anise Cafe and Catering. We will meet many of the course expectations through daily management of the cafe (shopping, budgeting, promoting, advertising, selling, preparing, presenting, and serving of food, etc.). We will also have many guest speakers who work in the industry. There will be several planned excursions to local businesses and events. We hope to organize a short-term work experience in the business of your choice or a college experience at Loyalist. There will be an opportunity for students to get several relevant certificates that will improve their portfolios, such as Food Handlers, Service Excellence, Smart-Serve, Passport to Safety, and Emergency First Aid and C.P.R. There will be projects and tests in several areas of the curriculum (tourism, food service and safety, marketing, careers, etc.)

Music Theatre

Offered 2019 - 2020

ADB4M1, and AMC4M1, and ADP3M1(3 Credit Focus Program)

The focus of this program is to have the students collectively write and perform an ORIGINAL Musical. They are facilitated to work together to create and make Artistic Choices for all aspects of the productions including: Promotions (advertising, posters, programs, tickets, t-shirts, video and community sponsors), Front-of-house (ushers, displays, concession, tickets, seating), Sound and Lighting (design, care and maintenance, sound effects, recordings, and running the board), Writing the play (improvisation, discussing, arguing, re-playing, writing, sharing, re-writing, editing), Acting (character creation, vocal development, physical development) Sets (design, building, painting, tear down), Prop (finding, building, using) and Music (research, arrangement, context, and signing).

Open to grade 10, 11 and 12 students!



Drama Playwriting • Grade 11 • University/College

This course will use a variety of approaches to build students skills in playwriting. From brainstorming, to improvisation, to discussing, writing, sharing and re-writing, the students will work collaboratively and individually to produce an original play that will be performed in second semester. The forms, elements, conventions and techniques of playwriting will be studied and collaborative skills will be improved as students work towards this common goal.

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Outer Limits  (4 Credit Focus Program)

The Outer Limits program at Trenton High School has been providing students with the opportunity to experience education in a hands on environment for over 10 years. This four-credit integrated program offers students the chance to develop skills related to Ecotourism, and Environment and Resource Management while developing an appreciation for the environment and outdoor recreation. Through participation in this program students develop skills in outdoor survival, cycling, rock climbing, and canoeing. Each activity involves certification in the different disciplines. These certifications assist students in employment opportunities in related fields. Students use their outdoor skills to study the local and distant environment first hand. Community partnerships allow students to become involved throughout the community in projects relating to the environment. In the last ten years, students have planted over 200,000 trees, rehabilitated streams, and worked closely with private and public tourism operators. Outer Limits is for the dedicated student who enjoys the outdoors in all conditions. Students who participate in Outer Limits develop a better understanding of the environment on a variety of levels, including scientific, cultural and recreational. The Outer Limits program consists of four credits. These credits are offered at all pathways to ensure that this program is accessible to all students.


Environment & Resource Management • Grade 12 • University/College

This course investigates the complexity and fragility of ecosystems and the pressures human activities place on them.  Students will examine ecological processes, the principles of sustainability and the strategies for resource management, with a focus on the challenges of environmental degradation and resource depletion.  Students will use geotechnologies and skills of geographic inquiry to explain and evaluate various approaches to achieving a more sustainable relationship between people and their environment.

Prerequisite:  Any university, university/college, or college preparation course in Canadian and world studies, English, or social sciences and humanities.


Travel & Tourism • Grade 11 • Open

This course focuses on travel and tourism as the vehicle for studying selected world regions.  Using a variety of geotechnologies and inquiry and communication methods, students will conduct and present case studies that develop their understanding of the unique characteristics of selected world regions; the environmental, cultural, economic, and political factors that influence travel and tourism; and the impact of the travel industry on communities and environments around the world.  

Prerequisite:  CGC1P1 or CGC1D1


English • Grade 11 • University

This course emphasizes the development of literacy, communication, and critical and creative thinking skills necessary for success in academic and daily life.  Students will analyse challenging literary texts from various periods, countries, and cultures, as well as a range of informational and graphic texts, and create oral, written, and media texts in a variety of forms.  An important focus will be on using language with precision and clarity and incorporating stylistic devices appropriately and effectively.  The course is intended to prepare students for the compulsory Grade 12 university or college preparation course. 

Prerequisite:  ENG2D1


English • Grade 11 • College

This course emphasizes the development of literacy, communication, and critical and creative thinking skills necessary for success in academic and daily life.  Students will study the content, form, and style of a variety of informational and graphic texts, as well as literary texts from Canada and other countries, and create oral, written, and media texts in a variety of forms for practical and academic purposes.  An important focus will be on using language with precision and clarity.  The course is intended to prepare students for the compulsory Grade 12 college preparation course.

Prerequisite:  ENG2P1


Outdoor Adventure • Grade 12 • University

This course will help students develop and consolidate the skills required for and knowledge of different subjects and disciplines to solve problems, make decisions, create personal meaning, and present findings beyond the scope of a single subject or discipline.  Studnets will aplly the pronciples and processes of inquiry and research to effectively use a range of print, electronic, and mass media resources; to analyse historical innovations and exemplary research; and to investigate real-life situations and career opportunities in interdisciplinary endeavours.  They will also assess their own cognitive and affective strategies, apply general skills in both familiar and new contexts, create innovative products, and communicate new knowledge.

Students will not be prevented from taking Outer Limits due to financial constraints. Pick up an application form from Student Services. An interview is required for admission to the program.


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Three Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) Programs


SHSM Hospitality and Tourism

The SHSM Hospitality and Tourism is a Government of Ontario specialized program that allows students to explore and focus on a career in tourism or hospitality.  The program is available to students in Grade 11 or 12 across all pathways at Trenton High School:  university, college, workplace and apprenticeship.
Candidates must comlete the following requirements as part of the program;
  • A bundle of nine Grade 11 and 12 credits (over the course of 2 years)
  • 6 sector-recognized certifications and/or training courses/programs
  • Experiential learning and career exploration activities
  • Reach ahead experiences
  • Development of essential skills and work habits

What are the benefits to students?

  • Network with people who have similar interests
  • Take part in many field trips and real-world experiences
  • Receive a specialized Cooperative Education placement
  • Be involved in a close-know community
  • Test drive a career before you got to post-secondary or apprenticeship
  • Take classes that are relevant

How much does it cost to enroll in SHSM - Hospitality and Tourism?

There is no cost to students!  Funding for this program is provided by the Ministry of Education.


SHSM Sports Management

The SHSM Sports Management is a specialized program that allows students to explore and focus on a career in the sports industry.  The program is available to students across all pathways in Grade 11 and 12: university, college, workplace, apprenticeship. Students interested in pursuing a career in the sports industry are ideal candidates for the Sports Management program.

Students will receive the following as part of the Sports Management program:

  • A bundle of 9 Existing Grade 11 & 12 Courses including senior Math and English credits, Health & Physical Education, Cooperative Education, Business Studies and Sports & Entertainment Marketing
  • 7 certifications and/or training courses including CPR, First Aid and other sports-related certifications

What are the benefits to students?

The SHSM Sports Management program provides a comprehensive high school experience.  You will be well prepared for your next step, whether it's college, university, apprenticeship or directly to the workplace.

How much does it cost to enroll in the SHSM?

There is no charge to students enrolled in the Sports Management program.  The Ontario Ministry of Education provides funding for courses, activities, certifications and field trips.


SHSM Non-Profit

The SHSM Non-Profit is a Government of Ontario specialized program that allows students to explore and focus on a career in helping others and social justice. The program is available to students across all pathways at Trenton High School: university, college, workplace, apprenticeship.

The SHSM Non-Profit is a program available to Grade 11 and 12 students.  Students interested in pursuing a career connected to  social justice and working with others are ideal candidates.

Candidates must complete the following requirements as part of the program:

•    A bundle of (9) Grade 11 and Grade 12 credits (over the course of 2 years)
•    7 sector-recognized certifications and/or training courses/programs
•    Experiential learning and career exploration activities
•    Reach ahead experiences connected with the students’ post-secondary plans
•    Development of essential skills and work habits

What are the benefits to students?

•    Provides a career-focused, customized learning experience
•    Provides opportunities to explore and refine career goals
•    Creates community and industry connections for potential future employment
•    Documentation of program completion provided on Ontario Student Transcript with a Red Seal distinguishing you from other students
•    Post-secondary and career advantages as having extra learning and experiential opportunities 
•    Makes you more marketable

How much does it cost to enroll in SHSM?

There is no cost to students/families enrolling in the SHSM Non-Profit program.  Funding for all SHSM Non-Profit activities is provided by the Ministry of Education including all cost of all field trips and certifications.

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Hockey Academy

The Trenton High School Hockey Academy offers two courses for students. Students in Grade 10, 11, or 12 are eligible to enrol in either course in the Hockey Academy. Both courses in the Hockey Academy are for students of all abilities.

The Academy’s mission is to support student learning, ice hockey skills (technical and tactical), fitness training, enhancing sport performance, motivation, sports etiquette, and sports psychology. Through a combination of theory and practical exposure to hockey, students enrolled in the course will learn about the sport and personal development.

The course is designed for students who are interested in gaining knowledge, skills and attitudes that will augment their present participation in hockey. Students are expected to accomplish this learning through the application of practical aspects of performance enhancement through training and by understanding the associated theoretical background. On and off ice testing are conducted twice a year.

Students’ class time is divided into on and off ice components. The on-ice curriculum allows for students to work on individual (technical) skills such as skating, passing and receiving, puck handling, shooting and checking and moving through to tactical/game situations implementing these skills and knowledge. Off-ice, students are given the opportunity to further enhance their on-ice skills through deliberate practice activities. They are exposed to different training techniques for pre/in/ post season workouts. Classroom sessions are spent looking at mental training activities and special guest  presentations.


Hockey For Life • Grade 11 • Open

This course combines the expectations for Interdisciplinary Studies, Grade 11 Open, with selected expectations from two other courses; Healthy Active Living, Grade 11 Open and Introduction to Entrepreneurial Studies, Grade 11 College Preparation. This course will immerse students in the world of hockey physically, academically and culturally. Through participation in this course, students will develop an appreciation of the world as an interconnecting society. Students will use hockey as a means to develop a healthy, active lifestyle that will engage their interest throughout their lives. By concentrating on hockey skills, students will be challenged to develop personal competence in a wide variety of hockey skills, while setting goals for personal fitness development. There is a fee of approximately $180 for this course (subject to change depending on ice rental fees).

Prerequisite: None


Small Group Activities • Grade 10 • Open

This course emphasizes regular participation in a variety of enjoyable individual and small group activities that promote life-long healthy active living. Student learning will include the application of movement principles to refine individual and small group skills, participation in a variety of activities that enhance personal competence, fitness and health and the examination of issues related to healthy living.

Prerequisite: None