What are the benefits?

Students in the SHSM Hospitality and Tourism 

  • network with people who have similar interestsSHSM 1
  • take part in many field trips and real-world experiences
  • receive a specialized Co-op placement
  • are involved in a close-knit community
  • test drive a career before going to post-secondary education or an apprenticeship
  • take classes that are relevant to their specific interests
  • participate in 1 of 3 package programs that are linked to this SHSM:  Outer Limits, Catering with Class or La Dolce Vita (Spa Life)




Hospitality and Tourism fields include:

Chef ♦ Pastry Chef ♦ Kitchen Manager ♦ Line Cook ♦ Caterer ♦ Hotel Manager ♦ Health Inspector ♦ Teacher ♦ Event Planner ♦ Restaurant Owner ♦ Tour Guide ♦ Travel Agent ♦ Adventure Guide ♦ Bartender ♦ Museum/Gallery Curator ♦ Tour Bus Driver ♦ Theme Park Manager ♦ Resort Manager ♦ Cruise Ship Activity Director ♦ Makeup Artist ♦ Campground Host ♦ Beautician ♦ Masseuse ♦ Spa Technician ♦ and many more...