Attendance Procedures

Students are expected to take an active role in their learning by attending school regularly,  attending all of their classes when at school, and being prepared with appropriate materials and homework and assignments completed.

Absence From School
Students who are absent from school are required to bring a note signed by a parent explaining the absence.  Students over 18 may provide their own signed notes.  Parents are welcome to call the school 24 hours a day to report an absence in the attendance voice mailbox (613-392-1227,  Press '2').

Acceptable reasons for absence and lateness include:
• family emergency
• dental, medical or legal appointments
• personal illness
• approved student activities and class excursions  (Parents are not required to call the school for these.)

Leaving School During The Day
• If students must leave the school during the day, they must report to the Attendance Secretary in the Main Office during their free time and sign out. 
• A note or a phone call from a parent/guardian will be required before a student is allowed to sign out.  Students are expected to remain in the office until a parent / guardian picks them up. Students who return to school the same day must sign in at the office upon return.
• If a student becomes ill during the day, he/she must report to the Main Office as soon as possible.  Calls home are to be made by the Attendance Secretary.  Ill students are to remain in the Main Office until the arranged ride arrives.

Late for Class/Absent without Permission
• Students who are late for classes or absent without permission will be subject to Progressive Discipline procedures. 

Academic Eligibility for Participation in Extra-Curricular Activities

Attendance policy