Emergency Response at THS


We at Trenton High School are committed to the safety of our staff and students at all times.  Whether an emergency arises within or outside of our school, plans are in place to respond appropriately.  Our school uses LOCKDOWN, SECURE and HOLD, SHELTER in PLACE and EMERGENCY EVACUATION procedures to respond to various types of situations. 

LOCKDOWN is defined as a response to a major incident or threat of school violence within the school, or school area.

SECURE and HOLD is a response to an ongoing situation outside the school that is not related to the school.

SHELTER in PLACE is a response to an external situation which may or may not be related to the school (e.g., an environmental situation such as a chemical spill or an extreme weather related situation in the neighbourhood).

EMERGENCY EVACUATION is a response to a bomb threat and/or explosive incident at or near the school.


As well, we continue to maintain our fire safety plan.  Practise drills for all types of emergencies are carried out on a regular basis and according to school board policy.