Student Success Centre - 


Each student has his or her own unique interests, goals and strengths, and each one should have the same opportunity to succeed at Trenton High School. 

The goal of the Student Success Centre is to help students meet their academic goals and achieve their graduation goals. Individualized and small group peer tutoring are offered to help students improve their skills in a variety of areas.  Teachers, Educational Assistants and Student Leaders are all available to support students throughout the day with one common goal: helping students build a promising future.

The supports available in the Student Success Centre include:

Curriculum Support – With the support of the classroom teacher and the Student Success Team, students have the opportunity to catch up on course material.  Staff members provide strategies for the individual students help them reach their academic goals.

Credit Rescue – Students who are experiencing difficulty in a particular area of study can make use of the Student Success Centre to help bring them up to the level they need to achieve credit success.

Credit Recovery – Students who have not been successful in a particular course can be assigned to the Student Success Centre to complete a series of lessons and assignments in order to meet the expectations for a given course.

Extended Timeline Credit Recovery – Similar to Credit Recovery, students have the opportunity to recover credits outside of class time.  The Student Success Centre will be the location for drop-off and pick-up of required assignments.

Intensive Literacy/Numeracy Support – Students who need remedial support for the EQAO testing in Grades 9 and 10 can access support to improve their readiness for the provincial testing throughout the year.

Transitional Support – Students transitioning into school at various times throughout the year can access the Student Success Centre to support their transition and timetable in order to help them meet the expectations of the classroom setting.