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Assessment & Evaluation

Assessment and evaluation are ongoing aspects of the teaching and learning process. Evaluation is designed to be equitable and allow for alternate methods for identified students.

At the beginning of each course the teacher will provide for the students a clear statement of the course content and course requirements, an explanation of evaluation methods and a marks breakdown.  Students are expected to be active participants in their own learning by assuming responsibility for keeping work up to date and by maintaining regular communication with teachers and parents/guardians.

The final examination or the culminating activity is an important part of every course. A student must provide a medical certificate for an absence from the final evaluation unless prior arrangements have been made and approved by the school administration.

For additional information, please refer to HPEDSB Procedure 388 - Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting Grades 1 - 12.

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Reporting Procedures

There are three reports mailed to parents/guardians each semester. An Early Progress Report is sent after the first six weeks of each new semester. A Midterm Report is sent midway through the semester and the Final Report is sent following the conclusion of the term.

In addition, an In Danger Report is sent to the parents/guardians of those students who are at risk of failing a credit. This report is sent approximately five weeks before the conclusion of the semester. Parents/guardians are invited to a Parents’ Night each semester after the Early Progress Report. As well, regular communication with parents is encouraged by the school.

The Ontario Student Transcript (OST) provides a comprehensive record of a student’s overall achievement in high school. The credits which a student has earned towards fulfillment of the requirements for the graduation diploma are recorded on the OST. The Ontario School Record (OSR) is the official record for a student. This file contains achievement records, credits earned and diploma requirements completed. These records are protected by the Education Act and freedom of information legislation. OSR records are kept in the Guidance Office.

Full Disclosure:

The Ministry of Education states that beginning September 2000 full disclosure will be reported on official transcripts. This means all marks are shown.

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Dropping Courses:

Students must have 24 credits before taking a spare. Grade 11 and 12 students who drop a course after the official drop date (five days after mid term reports) will find that course recorded on their transcripts as a withdrawal. Students wishing to discuss course changes must see a Guidance Teacher.

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